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First thing is that some people might be unaware that Mononoke is actually a spin off of another show called Ayakashi: Samurai Horror TalesMononoke’s Medicine Seller only appear in the final story arc. The other two are based on an Japanese ghost story and a 19th century play respectively (although the order of these two have been swapped for some reason in the English release). In both the Japanese and English track you have an entirely separate voice casts for each story, which is commendable for the English language track. It is to be expected, due to the nature of the tales that you should stick with the Japanese audio for this one. Also it’s a solid choice for an anime to watch in October.

The other obvious choice would be Mushishi Ginko and the Medicine Seller are very different protagonists the formula of both shows are very similar. The nature of Mushishi is that since it is episodic you can jump around to any episode and still enjoy it. I must warn you though, Mushishi is a very calm and has a habit of making people fall asleep while watching it. It’s one of my favorite shows and I’ll admit it has happened to me a couple of times. What the show lacks in a long narrative it makes up with solid shorts ones that won’t leave the viewer completely disappointed. The second series is currently airing and I must say they creative team haven’t lost their touch in adapting the manga.




girl + boy = goy

Goy= not jewish
Jews confirmed for being an all gay religious group.


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Okamiden (2009) baby kamis and new kamis.

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Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken (北斗百裂拳)